Creative Arts


At Mary Astell we teach our students how to look. We pride ourselves at being able to bring out the best in our students through a broad range of media. Not all our students believe they can draw but all still have the ability to create good creative work in either 2D or 3D.

Through painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, modelling and collage, we mould our students into confident, young Crafts people. Creative Crafts has a potential outcome for everyone;

Our aim is to help inspire and enthuse every student successes be they small or large. Creativity is all-inclusive. Every pupil can achieve and it is our job to try and bring the creative qualities out of everyone.
Being Creative enriches lives – we aim to make the uninspired that untapped creativity into uses beyond their time at Mary Astell.

We hope to achieve this by:

  • A pleasant working environment in a large airy class/workshop
  • Well-resourced stock of different materials for 2D and 3D outcomes
  • Scheme of work and individual lessons are planned to help develop the students’ skill base to enable them to work with independence
  • Learning style for individuals recognised and work differentiated to match
  • SEND needs are recognised and work adapted to help them reach outcomes
  • Extension of previous knowledge of skills and techniques is encouraged
  • Problem solving and sharing is encouraged
  • Thinking and working independently with the freedom to express creativity without fear of negativity
  • Out of the box thinking and growth mind set is recognised and celebrated
  • Promotion of trying new skills or techniques that might take you out of your comfort zone
  • Students reflect and critique their work and the work of other using agreed language
  • Progress is photographed, recorded, reported and celebrated each lesson
  • All completed work photographed and available for corridor or class displays
  • SMSC is promoted throughout all the topics offered
  • All year 10 learners are given the opportunity to study AQA GCSE Art and Design Graphics Communication with possible 9-1 outcomes
  • All Year 11 learners are given the opportunity to study OCR Entry level Art and Design with Entry 1,2 and 3 the possible outcomes

Courses currently offered:

Key Stage 3 – Year 8/9

When students arrive at Mary Astell  in Year 8/9 a basic assessment of their ability is completed. The test looks at idea creation, making, knowledge and evaluation. The results from which give each student a score and target in each area for future progress and development.

Areas maybe rated:  early development, growth development, working towards expected standard, working at expected standard and working at greater depth level.

The Year 9 students follow a foundation course where skills and techniques useful for the accredited courses in Year 10 onwards are introduced, practised and evaluated.

Key Stage 4 Accreditation – Year 10/11

OCR Entry Level Certificate in Art and Design (R310)

  • Progression – this Entry Level Certificate is a general qualification designed to enable learners to progress either directly to employment or to foundation level courses.
  • The progress made by some learners during the course might be suitable to enable them to transfer to GCSE (9–1) Art and Design or vocational qualifications in Art and Design.
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