• Develop the learner’s writing and recording skills
  • To teach the conventions of grammar
  • Offer a wide variety of literature to read and discuss
  • Develop skills of oral communication
  • Encourage the learner to enjoy books and stories, developing reading skills
  • Create opportunities for the learner to express his/her feelings
  • Enable the learner to develop a variety of methods of communication
  • Enable the learner to take part in group discussion and debate, expressing clearly his/her own opinion
  • Record and display work
  • Promote independent learning 

Courses currently offered:

When students arrive at Mary Astell Academy their academic ability in English is assessed through the Pearson online initial assessment toolkit. The data collected from this assessment, combined with information received from previous schools, helps identify the suitable qualification pathway for each individual student.  

During Year 10 and 11, we offer a two-year GCSE programme of study where all of our students are offered the opportunity to follow the GCSE English Language specification.  We believe that the study of English enables students to access other cultures and traditions through a variety of texts.  

As well as studying GCSE English Language, students have the opportunity to achieve Functional Skills qualifications, ranging from Entry Level 1 to Level 2. This qualification pathway enables students of all abilities to gain an English qualification whilst attending Mary Astell Academy. 

Prosper Learning Trust
Prosper Learning Trust