Home Cooking Skills


  • To promote food hygiene and kitchen safety knowledge
  • Develop skills in the kitchen that will allow learners to cook at home from scratch
  • To promote economic wellbeing and demonstrate the benefit of making economic choices
  • Enable learners to make sound decisions relating to nutrition and their health
  • Enable the learner to lead and plan sessions for classmates
  • Encourage the learner to enjoy cooking and recognise the social norms of ours and other cultures
  • To develop learning outside of the classroom with trips to numerous settings
  • To teach the conventional kitchen skills, knife skills and cooking techniques
  • Offer a wide variety of research methods and self-development tools
  • Offer various courses to students depending on their entry date

When students arrive at Mary Astell Academy their academic ability in Cookery is assessed. The data collected from this assessment, combined with information received from previous schools, helps identify the suitable qualification pathway for each individual student.

Courses currently offered:

There are currently three courses offered to students at Mary Astell Academy.

Year 9: Level 1 BTEC Award in Home Cooking Skills

1.1 Follow instructions for preparing ingredients by selecting the correct ingredients, and using the measurements and preparation methods given.

1.2 Demonstrate the cooking skills required by the recipe.

1.3 Prepare and cook food safely and hygienically.

2.1 Identify ways in which you have benefited from learning cooking skills.

2.2 Suggest how you could pass this information onto others.

Year 10 and 11: Level 1 or Level 2 BTEC Award in Home Cooking Skills (depending on date of entry)

1.1 Balanced diet and healthy eating.

2.1 Follow instructions for two recipes to prepare, select and measure ingredients.

2.2 Demonstrate a range of cooking skills.

2.3 Demonstrate that you can prepare and cook dishes safely and hygienically.

2.4 Present cooked meals attractively.

3.1 Suggest at least three different ways people could economise at home.

4.1 Record ways that you have passed information onto others about the cooking skills you have obtained.

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