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Ofsted Information

Mary Astell Academy Ofsted report May 2022

'Leaders have a clear vision for the academy's place and purpose within the city's educational landscape. They are working with the local authority and local secondary schools to develop this role. They are steadily building a valued provision. One parent reflected the views of others, saying, "The school has been tremendously supportive, helpful, patient and ambitious for our child."'  Ofsted 2022

'Leaders are determined to give pupils a second chance. Where possible, they work to reintegrate pupils back into mainstream education. If necessary, staff continue to check on these pupils to make sure their transition to a new school is successful.' Ofsted 2022

'Adults manage pupils behaviour consistently. If pupils become restless or agitated, adults deal with it calmly. They are skilled at settling pupils down. Consequently, most pupils apply themselves in lessons and most take pride in their work.' Ofsted 2022

'Provision for pupils personal development is good. There is a well planned curriculum covering themes such as relationships, health, sex education and personal safety.' Ofsted 2022

'The staff arrange work experience for some pupils that helps to prepare them for their next steps. There are good opportunities for pupils to meet employers and apprenticeship providers.' Ofsted 2022

Parent Feedback

Parents and Carers can give their views of Mary Astell Academy to Ofsted through Ofsted Parent View, which can be accessed here.