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Curriculum Overview

'Pupils are taught a broad curriculum' - Ofsted

“Preparation for Success in a Changing World”

The Mission

Mary Astell Academy believes all our pupils can prosper.

Our ambition is to have pupils leave as young people prepared and eager to improve their lives; better equipped to benefit from their continuing education and to make positive contributions to their wider community. As valued and respected learners we wish to develop the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to take our pupils beyond their existing experiences and help them create opportunities for their futures.

Whether their stay with us is longer or shorter, we offer education and experience which enables our pupils to leave as better versions of themselves.

The Curriculum

Our academy offers an ambitious, knowledge-rich and broad curriculum, allowing every pupil to develop the all-important skills and qualities required for a successful life.

Through our curriculum we deliver crucial subject knowledge and skills across a broad range of subjects. This learning is reinforced by many character building opportunities. These are activities which seek to teach our pupils how to engage, behave appropriately, present themselves and represent their school, home and community, in ways which prepares them for the outside world.

We present all our pupils with the opportunity to succeed by tailoring much of what we do with them as individuals. This provides all pupils with the opportunity to reach the highest levels of personal achievement and raises their ambitions for themselves.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)

The Key Stage 3 curriculum builds on our pupil’s previous learning and develops the breadth and depth of their knowledge, skills and behaviours. All pupils study a range of subjects, including; English, mathematics, science, P.E., humanities, I.T., art, technology, food and culture.

Alongside these subjects, the curriculum will help pupils develop their learning skills and offers a wide range of additional opportunities including social, moral, spiritual and cultural enrichment.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Whether pupils continue with us into KS4, or join during Years 10 or 11, we use information about their previous progress to develop a guided, personalised, education pathway. This pathway will prepare them well for college, apprenticeship or work. For pupils joining during this time their pathway will match options already studied, as far as possible. This maintains pupils’ interests and makes any return to mainstream as seamless as possible. Pathways include the core subjects, character development and a wide range of options, including choices from uniformed services, construction and hair & beauty.

The Expectations

At the core of all we do is a relentless and unwavering desire to support the growth and development of our young people. We challenge with compassion, we encourage with enthusiasm and we push with persistence. Every pupil is given the opportunity to achieve academic and character success in a supportive and structured environment.

Personal growth, cultural capital and broad knowledge are essential for earning productive and fulfilling lives; Mary Astell Academy is a gateway to achieving these qualities, and to preparing for success in a changing world.

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Curriculum Intent