About Us

Mary Astell Academy

On the 1st of January 2018, Linhope PRU converted to an academy and became part of Prosper Learning Trust. Then on 1st September 2018, the name was changed to Mary Astell Academy to better reflect the values and provision of the school.

Mary Astell (Newcastle upon Tyne, 12 November 1666 – London, 11 May 1731) was an English feminist writer and rhetorician. Fighting in particular for women’s rights, she was an advocate for education for all, which is a key part of the ethos at the school.

Mary Astell Academy is an alternative provision academy within Prosper Learning Trust which provides education to pupils from ages 11 to 16.

Mary Astell Academy serves children who are referred via the local authority due to permanent exclusion and reside in the City of Newcastle.  Pupils may be fully or dual registered depending on their circumstances. Mary Astell Academy is not affiliated to any religion or religious denomination.

Mary Astell Academy seeks to support each pupil’s access to a full-time, broad and balanced education appropriate to their potential and their educational needs and encourage reintegration into mainstream whenever relevant.



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